Robin Farina

Robin began her cycling career over 13 years ago after graduating from the University of Tennessee. Currently, she races professionally for the BMW p/b Happy Tooth Dental Group Cycling Team. She is the 2011 U.S. National Road Race Champion and was a  2012 Olympic long team member while with the NOW and Novartis for MS Cycling Team.

When not on the bike, her time is spent overseeing the newly formed Women’s Cycling Association (WCA). As one of the original founders of the WCA, Robin has been a catalyst for the organization and its growth as a global movement for women’s equality in cycling (sport and life).  After several years of racing at the highest level, Robin saw the need to help Women’s Professional Cycling become a stable platform for future cyclists. The main goal is help achieve equity and help people see the health benefits through riding bikes. Robin’s main objective is to grow cycling at the grassroots level. “The sport of cycling will gain more fans and more exposure which will in turn give more women the opportunity to race,” said Farina.  Her passion for sport and the sport of cycling drives her to stay dedicated and lead the charge for positive change.

Robin believes in the power of the bike! In addition to advocating for equality in women’s cycling, Robin donates her time to organizations that make an impact with bicycles around the world. In 2014, Robin, along with several other pro and amateur cyclists, was part of the first ever all-female team to take on the Trois Etapes Tour de France for World Bicycle Relief to raise funds to mobilize women in rural Africa. As part of their efforts, over 550 bikes were donated to help connect women and girls in Africa with education, healthcare and economic opportunities  The American Diabetes Association  also named Robin as their spokesperson for their Tour de Cure Women’s Series. In 2014 she led rides in Santa Barbara, CA and San Francisco, CA to help raise funds for the ADA.

Robin also is co-owner of a bike shop/training facility, Uptown Cycles, in Charlotte, NC. Her passion for teaching the sport of cycling and helping athletes achieve their athletic goals motivates her to also give back to the sport of cycling.  Robin’s athletes range from junior women who want to learn the sport, to master cyclists who want to take their racing to the next level.

When Robin has downtime, you may find her in the yoga studio, or traveling NAPA, as a connoisseur of great wine and food!


Career Highlights

  • 2012 Olympic Long Team Member
  • 2011 USA National Road Race Champion
  • 1st place — 2011 USA Cycling Elite, U23, Juniors & Paralympic Road National Championships, Augusta, Georgia, elite women, road race
  • Most Aggressive Rider — 2011 USA Crits SpeedWeek
  • 1st place — 2010 Airforce Cycling Classic, General Classification
  • 1st place — 2009 El Tour de Tucson XXVII
  • 1st place — 2008 Joe Martin Stage Race, General Classification


Train with the best to be your best

Cycling is a sport that takes time and patience. In order to be your best, achieve balance in your life, and reach your goals, it makes sense to have the right person guide you along your path.

Make all of your hard work and dedication count. You spend countless hours pedaling you bike and you want to beat your friend for that Strava QOM/KOM. Why leave it to chance?

Why Robin Farina Training?

Robin Farina has not only achieved the highest ranks in the country, she has proven herself in the cycling industry as a rider, coach, and ambassador.

It takes hard work and dedication to win a National Championship. To do it while owning a bike shop, training, and coaching full-time was no easy task. Robin Farina works hard with her athletes to improve their performance, and constantly strives to grow the sport in a positive manner through advocacy, mentorship, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Athletes often ask, “What does it take to make me better on the bike?” There is no easy answer to this question. Every athlete is different and with every athlete, it takes time and understanding to zero in on how you can become your best. As you make your next step in cycling, you might be wondering—do I hire a coach, sign up for a training plan, buy lighter wheels? These are all very good questions, and Robin is happy to help you through these questions to find the best plan to achieve your goals.

Feel free to contact Robin using the form below if you are interested in working with her or if you simply have any other coaching questions!