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CompuTrainer LAB provides an intense indoor bike workout experience. It can increase your cycling power by 20% to 30% and your speed by 2 to 4 MPH. These classes provide an exciting and technically superior method of indoor group bike training and racing. The software combined with the computrainer ensures the most precise and individualized training possible. Participate in a class as a drop-in or guarantee your spot in one of our weekly Winter Power Series. CompuTrainer LAB classes are 60-120 min and require your own bike.

Preparing for CompuTrainer LAB:

  • - Come 20-30 min before posted class start time to set up.

    This is a great time to warm up & discuss your riding with your coach.

  • - Wipe down your rear tire from dirt or salt.

    Keep you rear tire clean from the dirt , sand & salt of winter riding.

  • - Air your rear tire.

    Keeping your tire pressure consistent indoors and out helps prevent flats and makes for better riding.

  • - Ask where you can setup.

    we might already have you assigned to a spot. If you have your own training skewer, please use that one. If you don’t, we have some for sale.

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