Meet: Tim Anderson

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Uptown Cycles is known for many things: its friendly atmosphere, real-deal cycling expertise, in-house training studio, and high-tech bike fittings, to name a few. Our service has always been reliable, but now it’s brag worthy. Head mechanic, Tim Anderson, is a downright gear guru with skills galore, a charming personality, and a man bun.

Tim grew up in Atlanta but is originally a golden bear, born in San Francisco, CA. He starting riding mountain bikes at age 12 and was racing by age 14. He never finished his first race, missing the final turn and pedaling for the parking lot none-the-wiser. He quickly figured out how finish lines work and by age 15 he won his first race despite starting more than 2 minutes behind (he says his girlfriend made him late to the race).


Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 4.49.14 PMEndurance mountain biking is Tim’s specialty. His most grueling race was the 9 ½-hour Mohican 100 held outside Columbus, OH. The conditions were ideal, but he was on the chase all day and said the course was physically and mentally draining. He prefers lap races (think Warrior Creek) where he can find the fastest lines, and repeat. Clearly these races suit him because he took the top step in last weekend’s Tree Shaker (6-hrs) on a single speed.

Tim started repairing bikes as a teenager and has been employed in bike shops for the last 10 years. He enjoys the satisfaction of being able to fix things. His favorite mechanical tasks are building bikes from the frame up, building wheels, and wrapping handle bars. Tim’s interests and skills are a perfect match for the position of head wrench at a shop where we sell custom frames and help our clients spec their bikes precisely to their wants and needs.

Tim’s talents would be an asset to any shop, so why did he choose Uptown Cycles? He said he was drawn to the personal, small shop feel and the welcoming, comforting environment. Thank you, Tim, for being part of the Uptown Team!